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Free Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans

Larry-AbbyOur nonprofit rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to become service dogs – accomplished canine assistants that can perform dozens of tasks for disabled American veterans and first responders.

Founded in 2011, Canine Angels has teamed 40 veterans with service dogs that are helping them reclaim their independence. Our veterans have experienced relief from PTSD, night terrors, fear of crowds, irritability and anger. They are able to rejoin family activities again, with a little help from their Canine Angels Service Dogs.


Freedom is Not Free

DIiva KissDIiva KissThrough their sacrifices, our military men and women have made the privileges and opportunity every Arlene  Hall  + MuffincroppedDIiva KissAmerican enjoys possible. It’s a debt we can never fully repay, but Canine Angels is ready to help every dog and veteran we possibly can. President and founder, Rick Kaplan, takes no salary. He donates his time and expertise in canine behavior to transform doomed dogs into responsive, obedient canine allies. It’s a 3-way win for  overcrowded shelters, homeless dogs, and veterans who suffer from physical and emotional wounds. Their mission was to keep us free. Ours is to give them the freedom to enjoy life again.

The cost of a fully trained service dog is around $20,000, but our Angels are free to eligible veterans and first responders. Both are heroes in our book. On behalf of all our dogs and veterans, thank you for supporting our work.

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